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Taking Over Layen - Jubatus by lirodon Taking Over Layen - Jubatus by lirodon

Big update: Slightly updated wardrobe, lost the strap in favour of a better themed belt, much better artwork too!

You remember Jubatus, right? He's well, pretty much the closest equivalent to my IRL self that I can get without bending things in a different direction FOR SCIENCE. He was from my rather awkward run in Tower OCT (along with Wolfie, who sprained her ankle on a pillow, and Farfalla, who quickly came to take her place). But now here, he leads a faction of vigilantes! Isn't that fun?

Codename: Jubatus
Faction: Listeners (Leader!)
Height: 5'9"
Likes: Technology, trying to find ways to make his skills go farther, electronica, justice, etc.
Skills: Great sniper, quick to adapt to new situations, stealthy
Disadvantages: Needs to know entirely what's going on in a situation, is sometimes talkative, sometimes uses complicated solutions to problems when there's an obviously easier option available. Sometimes wastes his time searching for others of his kind.

Backstory: He moved to Layen seeking a break from the norm, and hopefully to get a bit more action in his life. He's part of an odd race of superpowered humans (called the Oors) who share an ability to form energy weapons using chi arts. For some reason he felt that Layen may be populated with many of them, but he only ended up finding one. When Jubatus learned of conflicts between heroes and villains beginning to break out in the city, he felt obliged to join the fight simply because he technically shared the qualities of the common superhero (well, the "you have powers and you want to use them" part). After being rejected by several groups of heroes, he decided to just start his own upstart superhero society he called "The Listeners" (according to his potentially botched translation of ancient papers, that's what "oor" actually means).

Unfortunately, things didn't start out too smoothly. He aimed to be more informal and looser than Algard's society, but they ended up spending most of their time sitting around and thinking about things they could do rather than actually doing them. Whoops! Jubatus's side-goal to track down other Oors in Layen to hopefully join him (under the logic specified by another ancient text stating that Oors are typically willing to fight for "their people") also distracted him from his true goals, but did allow him to find Aima, who is currently his co-captain. After being declared a "small joke" by Raxis, he decided to push harder for a more organized operation.

Equipment: His weapons include a shotgun and the energy arrows he can form from his chi. When working with other members of the Oor, he can create combos by combining their energy. Oors, especially when working together like this, are apparently not supposed to be exposed to eachother's chi through their hands, eyes, or lungs, since allegedly "bad things happen" when this happens (hence his need for a respirator, goggles, and gloves; which he believes that all "modern" oors have been doing to comply). He usually wears them much of the time too though, mainly because he thinks they give him the image he is trying to achieve, of being a *ahem* threatening young adult superhero)

It's optional though, but if you're interested in being an Oor if you're joining the Listeners, you can! Just ask me and I'll spare you the technicalities.
:iconmetalpenguino:, I'm liking the ruffled hair. I'm also liking the color choices. The right arm seems a bit disproportional though. You could fix that by making it a bit closer to the body and match up with the other arm. The left arm seems unnatural. Usually when people relax, their arms bend a bit. I'm liking the tones, but try to add shading. The hands could use a little work too. You could practice by drawing hands from visual scope. If all else, try not to perfect your style so that it matches another person's. Just stick with your own and do what is most comfortable.
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March 4, 2012
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