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Zuinoir: Elvara Brynne by lirodon
Zuinoir: Elvara Brynne
Update: Changed to new profile sheet design. Otherwise the same.


Okay, new character time! OH MY GOD IT'S A GIRL, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES. But yeah, finally wanted to try to make someone who is a bit more mystical (but of course, she's ultimately being plopped into a somewhat modern setting. As such, I had to give her somewhat of a contemporary look. But she's still a mage, and here, that is what matters.

Name: Elvara Brynne
Alias: Sun Crow
Gender: Female
Hair Color/Style: Ice Blue
Eye Color: Ruby
Height: 5'2"
Class: Mage (Class Leader)

Elvara is somewhat of an extrovert, but she would rather socialize than try to actually provide useful information to others (instead, pointing them towards pre-existing resources; of course, some of them were written by herself). This is mainly because she works with quite a bit of classified information behind the scenes (such as internal information related to the Zuinoir League that is not for public consumption, research on "forbidden" spells, and information on particular incidents made during the course of "research" that the Evil Eye organization is trying keep private). This may make Elvara come off as either shy or unsure, because rumors related to such information gets spread a lot around ZuinoirWhen she's not trying to protect confidental data, Elvara is a chaotic neutral who is known to be a little rebellious, and likes to experiment with potentially dangerous things. She's a very analytical person, but she's also prone to jumping to conclusions when she doesn't know enough information. Sometimes, she ends up being right along, but sometimes, not so muchl

As leader of the Evil Eye organization, she tries to be supportive of her allies, but can be a little overbearing and protective of them because of recent events, especially if they don't pay attention to what she says or do something that may be unsafe, ironically (So basically she can experiment all she likes, but don't you dare do so yourself unless she's genuinely impressed by it. Remember, magic is dangerous when used irresponsibly!)

Elvara Brynne is just an average mage from a somewhat large family of them. Okay, she actually is a bit more powerful than most of them, but she's relatively mid-level, and her life was relatively normal growing up, nothing too shocking. It's what Elvara does alongside magic itself that matters; she was a curious type of person who liked to investigate how magic worked as a science, devise new ways to use certain well-known spells, and experiment with spells of her own (at the Glenshaw Academy of Mana Arts, she was chose courses dealing with the manipulation of plants and ice as her electives, only because her friends were in them too). She was also an avid fan of mystery novels, so much so that was inspired to become a detective herself as a hobby. However, her father Labather wanted her to pursue a career in the research of magic; Elvara decided to kill two birds with one stone by joining with a few friends to form the Evil Eye Institute of Non-Theatrical Magic, an organization up in Taohurst which would actively research magic and the uses of magic by others.

The Evil Eye Institute started off small, but suddenly began to grow when a number of, let's just say, "questionable" subjects caught wind of it. She was initally unaware of how Zuinoir had accidentally made a number of crimes legal when done under the guise of “research of techniques and enemy behaviour that can benefit relevant military operations”, and was completely oblivious to reports suggesting that mages connected to her organization were performing rather gruesome acts with magic in public that seemed to be connected to topics they had been working on at the Evil Eye Institute (which was of course, legal, but off-putting to Elvara). In fact, Evil Eye was probably the only class union that actually was doing legitimate research beyond the formalities going on at the other "research" organizations, which probably consisted purely of statements such as "this particular knife is good at hurting people."

As Elvara realized what was going on, she began to be more protective of Evil Eye's "sensitive" information, and began to phase in a censorship regime at the organization in the interest of safety. But then, the government suddenly offered her funding for the organization if she signed a contract. She went on with it, mainly because she didn't quite know the actual context of it... until, however, she was invited to a meeting of class union leaders, who throughougly explained what she got herself into. Ultimately, she became a bit more accepting of what was going on, and ultimately helped form the Zuinoir League. She primarily roots for and coaches mages, although she is still actively investigating the atrocities that her organization has been associated with.

OFF: 14
DEF: 10
SPD: 9
SKL: 17

Strengths and Weaknesses:
:bulletblue:Knowledgable in her field
:bulletblue:Relatively good magical capabilities.
:bulletblue: Supportive of her allies
:bulletblue: Somewhat good at balancing work and play
:bulletred:A little too protective at times
:bulletred:Prone to jumping to conclusions
:bulletred:A little out of shape, physically (she has, however, been trying to get back into the swing of exercising)

Alongside "basic" spells (i.e. levitation, basic forcefields, etc.), she mainly uses spells oriented towards the manipulation of plants, vegetation, dirt and ice. Most of her spells are high low-end to mid-range in power; she knows about a few high-level spells, but she has not quite grasped them yet, and there is a single, extremely powerful spell that she is still trying to research specifically for her own use; she calls it "The Inaccurate Forecast". The color indicates the power level and concentration needed to use a certain spell.

:bulletgreen: Negative Temperatural Shift (freezes liquids)
:bulletgreen: Snowball (self-explanatory)
:bulletgreen: Overgrow (causes plantation to start growing a bit more rapidly than usual)
:bulletyellow: Icicle Rain (causes sharp icicles to rain over a small area)
:bulletyellow: Mud Cannon (self-explanatory)
:bulletyellow: Multi-Snowball (it's more than just a snowball)
:bulletred: Freeze Blast
:bulletred: Vine Entanglement (summons a mess of vines and plantation to burst out of the ground or a nearby plant, trapping the victim)

:bulletblue: Mysteries
:bulletblue: Research
:bulletblue: Folk music
:bulletblue: Poking people to affectionately annoy them.
:bulletblue: Video games, especially those which involve physical activity (the former for inspiration, the latter for exercise)
:bulletblue: Experimentation and improvisation
:bulletblue: Her phone.

:bulletred: Eggplant
:bulletred: Crows (ironically, despite calling herself the Sun Crow just because it sounded cool)

Her wand is shaped like, and collapses like an old car radio antenna. She stores it in (and can even use it from) the headphone jack on the top of her phone, as seen here (it's based off an LG G Flex. It can bend!). Although its out of habit and for the coolness factor, she can still conjure spells with just her hand.

The patterns on her face glow when she's using magic, but are otherwise invisible.

Her outfit has a hood too, just because (it's kinda got a "beak", OH I WONDER WHERE SHE GOT THAT IDEA FROM.)

She contributes ice cubes for the Institute's food court.

I kinda envision her voice sounding similar to Kimberly Brooks's Oracle from Batman: Arkham Asylum, but with a cunning, European overtone.
Zuinoir Application Sheets v2 by lirodon
Zuinoir Application Sheets v2
I redid them mainly because I did not think that their previous look fit the sort of edgy, yet fantastical "feel" of the group. They have a similar layout to the old design for convenience sake; it is recommended that existing members update their sheets to use the new template (although you don't have to redraw your character unless you really want to), but that is optional.

All sheets are provided in PNG format. See -- Docs --) Character Creation and Joining for full instructions.

The "Overseer" sheet is only for staff members, and the NPC sheet is, well, for NPCs
The plus side about the new Activity widget is that it makes up for the small amount of journals I actually make.
I personally don't know if it's because I'm getting old, or because Halloween is just so dang boring where I live. Can't have much happening in the cold in a city of only about 10,000.

p.s. We don't do DST in Saskatchewan; meaning that instead of equalling mountain time/Calgary time, we now equal normal central time/Chicago/Winnipeg time, one hour off ET. But, hey we don't need to set our clocks!

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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
So exactly who am I? I'm a sort of amateur hobby digital artist who is also into amateur hobby web development, amateur hobby bowling, amateur hobby otakuness, and well, you can sorta tell where this is going.

I like to keep myself focused on at least knowing about the latest trends, though of course I get swept in them too. Homestuck? Yeah, Nepeta's cute. Ponies? Ehh, its not so bad :iconpinkiepieisinsaneplz:. Minecraft? Quite fun. Terraria? Just as. DDR? Oh yes please. AC and Dishonored? Lemme throw that enemy off a ledge. Borderlands? I'll catch your ride.

Requests: Friends only
Commissions: NOW OPEN!

Oh, and I live in Saskatchewan, but I'm not native to it.

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